CLAP/WR-PAHO/WHO VHL Consultantive Committee

CLAP/WR-PAHO/WHO VHL Consultantive Committee

The Consultative Committee is made up of the following institutions:

• National Medical Library (BINAME/CENDIM);
• Latin-American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information (BIREME/PAHO)
• Latin-American Center for Perinatology, Women and Reproductive Health ( CLAP/WR-PAHO/WHO )

The Committee’s purpose is to coordinate the harmonious development of Maternal and Perinatal VHL information sources, in compliance with the quality standards required by the regional project, selection of priorities, project follow-up and evaluation for permanent redefinition according to the circumstances.


•To coordinate actions with the institutions in the region to strengthen the Women, Maternal and Perinatal VHL;

•To contibute to the development of new information sources in cooperation with the  contries in the region;

•To cooperate in order to achieve a better exploitation of human and material resources among the institutions participating in the VHL project in the region through inter-institutional agreements