Information Systems

SIP – Perinatal Information System

is an information system devised by the Latin American Center for Perinatology, Women and Reproductive Health (CLAP/WR-PAHO/WHO) in 1983, whose objectives are:

• to serve as a basis to plan healthcare;
• to verify and follow up the iplementation of practices based on evidence;
• to unify data collection by adopting guidelines;
• to facilitate communiction between different levels;
• to locally obtain reliable statistical data;
• to foster standards compliance;
• to facilitate health staff training and development;
• to record relevant legal data;
• to facilitate auditing;
• to make a profile of the target population;
• to evaluate health care quality;
• to categorize problems;
• to conduct operational epidemiological research

The SIP includes a computer program for collection and analysis of clinical information that is integrated to the health care process at different complexity levels; such clinical information is made up of the Perinatal Clinical Record, Partograph, the Perinatal Card and the respective personal computer programs.

  • SIP

    Sistema Informático Perinatal